Father-Daughter Hunting Elk

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Father-Daughter hunting trip, desktop bronze sculpture

Tabletop bronze sculpture of Dad and Daughter bringing home the trophy

Tom White created this sculpture of a dad and daughter bringing home their trophy from a hunt on the back of a mule or donkey. Tom has enjoyed hunting deer with his youngest daughter, Mackenzie, so this sculpture was especially meaningful for him.  

Both love hiking and hunting everything from moose, bear and turkey in Maine, to bison, javelina, elk, deer and mountain lion in Arizona and Colorado, to deer in Texas!  To him, there is nothing better than being in the great outdoors and, if you can do it with your kids, it’s even better!  Tom has hunted since he was a kid in West Texas and carried that on throughout his life. 

Tom enjoys creating wildlife bronze sculptures in both desktop and life-size statues.  He is available to customize a sculpture for your ranch or home if you are interested in commissioning a sculpture.

This tabletop bronze is available for recasting as a gift for your favorite hunter or as a reminder of family hunting trips.…Tom & Marcey White