Sharing the Land

Life-size portrait bronze sculptures of the G. Brint Ryan family including Brint and his wife, Amanda, and their five beautiful daughters. The life-size statues of the Ryan girls depict them playing their musical instruments and are installed at one of the Ryan homes in Texas. Brint & Amanda’s sculptures are at their Dallas home. All of these life-size portrait bronze sculptures will also be placed at Reunion Park in Big Spring, Texas at the Settles Hotel. The Park will feature several other life-size sculptures of Ryan family members done by Tom White, portrait bronze monumental sculptor.

“Sharing the Land” – Life-size figurative wildlife bronze sculptures of a buck and doe antelope, a century plant and a javelina eating a cactus. This sculpture scene was commissioned by and for the Town of Prescott Valley to represent the native flora and fauna of the area. Sculptor, Tom White, lives in Prescott Valley and is outdoorsman and loves the wildlife of the area, so it was a pleasure to create statues of what he sees daily around his property!

Prescott Valley Town Sculptures - Lifesize Flora & Fauna Scene

The Town of Prescott Valley, Arizona, put out a public call to artists to creater a public, monumental bronze sculpture scene of the flora and fauna of the area. In a blind competition, they accepted concepts from artists across the United States.

As a man of the land and as an artist, Tom chose some of the animals and plants from the area that he sees every day when he is out and about exploring on his ranger.

The Arts Commission was delighted to find out that they had actually selected a local artist. They could tell from the concept that Tom created, that he had an intimate knowledge of the flora and fauna in a way they were looking to capture.

Tom’s original concept includes a water feature in it that will be added, along with native plants, in the Spring of 2022 as weather permits. He wanted to convey the respect and camaraderie that animals give each other in sharing the water holes they are al dependent on for life itself. He hopes that it will be an encouragement to folks who see it to contemplate how we all learn to “share the land” with others in respect and dignity.

It was important to incorporate the very unique century plant from the area into the scene, as well. Tom see those plants all around the countryside behind his property and there were plenty of good examples to use to create the sculpture of the century plant.

…Tom & Marcey White

Tom, a hunter, has many friends who enjoy hunting to provide meat for their families as well and when one of them recently tagged out with a buck antelope, they called Tom to come take measurements for us sculpture.

It was important to Tom that the foundry we used in Wyoming to cast this into bronze, Eagle Bronze Foundry, do the patina in real life colors and shades. He wanted the wildlife bronze of the antelope to look like they had just stepped up to the waterhole.

It is a true pleasure to finally have one of Tom’s many public monumental bronze sculptures in his hometown. The sculpture is located in front of the government offices complex of the Town of Prescott Valley in front of the Police Department at the corner of Skoog and Lake Shore. It is along a favorite walking and running path and, thus, is able to be enjoyed by many folks in Prescott Valley.

The sculpture scene is available for recast in life-size and in the tabletop versions. Small wildlife desktop bronzes of the javelina eating cactus are available at Ian Russell Gallery downtown in Prescott Valley and are named “Snack Time” by Tom White. Call for information or to have your own custom wildlife scene for your ranch, farm, town or park designed by Tom.

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